A few add-ons to Tom Kuhlman s iPAD idea

Jan 31, 2012

I recently used Tom's iPad mock up to create a course, and added three more features to it -

PPT file attached.

Some garnishing ideas - For the library template, you can link the books to the Flip book interaction that you can create with Engage. Remember Tom's tabbed book? You can use that as well.

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Jeanette Brooks

Is it just that you are having trouble downloading Poornima's version? If so, I've zipped it and attached it to this post (sometimes zipping a file helps when folks have problems downloading).

If that's not what you wanted, can you share the link of the post where you saw the demo you have in mind? That way we can see if we can get the file for you.

Or maybe you are interested in just building the iPad-style object on a PowerPoint slide so that you can customize the design from there? If so, Stephanie has a really good tutorial on that, which you can find here.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi June, yah I could see that mimicking a swipe might be tough. You could create a shape on the right half of your screen and make it 100% transparent, and hyperlink that to the next slide, and do something similar with the left half of the screen to take learners to the previous slide. But that might get a little confusing if there are other clickable elements on the screen too. Might be best to go with simple forward/backward arrows instead?

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