A game in Storyline

Aug 20, 2014

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to show you some “gamified” eLearning I have done:


Part of the decision to do it in a retro 8 bit style was that Storyline timeline elements don’t seem to go down below 0.25 of a sec so you can’t get it any smoother than this if placing things “frame by frame” as it were. In the end the jumpy animation suited the old school graphics.

Time and budget didn't allow it, but it would have been nice to figure out a way to control the monster left and right, so as to aim the missiles and even miss the target now and again.

Hope you enjoy.


P.S. Finer frame control would a great feature in future releases of Storyline. Being able to control the timeline right down to 1 frame so you could run at 25fps. This would also get round the mp4 video issue on iPad if you could batch import a range of video frames as pngs into Storyline and run a video clip like that. If the timeline could run a bit more like Adobe Premiere, that would be awesome! Oh, and lots more triggers too please (especially ones that had collision detection)

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Stephen Evans

Thanks Steffanie,

Looking again at it online and also on our LMS there seems to be quite a bit of lag between the levels loading which didn't show itself publishing locally. Might have to lower the audio and graphics quality to reduce the size. There is a lot going on in the file. Even with a powerful PC working with the Story file was really slow. Referencing asset libraries so instances of graphics and audio were used instead of bloating out the file (like Flash uses libraries) would be nice in a new SL version.

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