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Todd Thornton

I mentioned this in another thread, but I put together a comparison of the normal images size because it's sometimes overlooked. BigStock doesn't have an "extra small" so their small is almost always big enough for e-learning whereas Istock you'd need to bump up one level if the image was to cover an entire slide. I've had a subscriptions with just about every stock company at some point because I rotate based mainly on current price/discounts. (Shutterstock, Istock, Thinkstock, BigStock, etc.)  

At least right now, for higher resolution files Big Stock is much more affordable. Istock (IMHO) has a better search so there's time savings to consider, but the last time I looked for the really good images, they are putting more of those into VETTA  anyway which results in an even higher price. I can think of very few situations in e-learning where you'd really need/want to include an image that cost $50. There's been a couple of times where I thought about it, and then decided it wasn't really 49X better.