A Simple Little Game Developed in Storyline

Here's a simple little game originally developed in Lectora about five years ago for an Instructional Design college class. I'm a newer Storyline user so I recently rebuilt the project in Storyline (v.1) to evaluate how Storyline handles layers, states, triggers,variables, etc. I was pleased with the result I got and thought it might be a good project to share for those wanting to learn those features of Storyline.

Below are the published links for both the Flash and mobile (HTML5) versions.

Flash version

Mobile (HTML5) version

Enjoy and I would be happy to share the Storyline source file with anyone interested in seeing how this was put together. Just message me and I will post the Dropbox URL to the Story file. If you experience any problems with these links you can access the Fishing Game and other examples at: www.blackdoglearning.com
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Philip Ferrone

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

There are indeed three fish in the pond. But, they are not easy to find. I've toyed with the idea of randomizing the number of fish and their locations as well as providing timed visual cues as to where a few of them may be. But, I've only got about 4 or 5 hours in this project and of course these additional ideas come later... I'll have to think about how I can do that.