A Student and need help please.

I want to  disable the NEXT button until the conditions of clicking on  all 4 images (not tabs) are met. The user will then return to the home page and click on the next image; After all four images have been reviewed then the next button becomes active. 
*** Please share with me how you have done this. I been experimenting with setting different values to the triggers but haven’t figured it out. I learn great by see and doing if I could even see a template where this is done or even just where to go to learn this?  Wasted 2 hours last night.

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Richard Hill

 A trick I use, is to simply duplicate your slide.  BUT on your first slide (press the cog on your Base Slide Layer and uncheck the Next button).    I assume you are able to get your variables working.  Here is an example of one way to do this.

tip: to get the glow upon click effect, I used buttonsets.    To create a button set, simply select all your objects at once / right click and choose buttonsets


HOpe this helps.

*For the future, you should post here for help questions( this group is for showing stuff)