? about freelancing resumes

Nov 25, 2013

Just a general, two-part question:

1) do you send your resume to potential clients?

2) on your resume, do you list previous clients and the projects you did with them? If so, how (format, location on resume, how much info do you include, etc)?

This is just something I've been struggling with for a while. It seems like I would want to list previous clients on my resume, but I'm struggling with how to do it.

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Nancy Woinoski

I don't have a resume. I will show them samples of my work and supply references if they ask. I also have a website that I refer them too. When preparing a response to an RFP or I supply a bio as part of the response. One thing I have noticed is that prospects are always interested in knowing who else you have done work for so if you have done work for anyone notable and not it is not confidential it can't hurt to share that information.

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