Accessibility Question - Menu

I am creating a course in Storyline 360 where the goal is to be 508 compliant. Upon entering the course, the learner can choose to view an accessible version of the course if they have a screen reader.

To do this I've created a variable, triggers, and extra slides. My question has to do with the player menu. There are duplicate slides e.g. there's a "What is Product X?" slide for standard viewing and one for accessibility  viewing. Both those slide titles will appear in player menu, which may make it confusing for both viewers of the standard version and viewers of the accessible version who use the menu to navigate.

Any ideas on how best to design?

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Tracy Parish

Depending on the content of the slides, you could have the "regular" (for lack of another word" slide on the base layer and the accessible version on a layer - then a variable that is triggered to show the accessible layer as the timeline starts if var=true.  That way you have one slide for the menu.

You could create your own menu on a slide or slide master and not use the built in one.

You could have the accessible slide nested on the built-in menu. 

Jennifer Wagner

I would recommend using different slides because of the tabbing issue you mentioned with layers. I also just nest the accessible slide under the non-accessible one, and use a variable to lead learners to the correct one depending on which version they chose. I like having both listed in the menu so that they can check out the other version if they want. (Though tabbing and having only spacebar and not enter work in order to access menu items is a bit annoying since you can use either spacebar or enter on the slides to select objects.)