Accessing Result.ScorePercent variable within a trigger

Feb 04, 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping some bright spark might be able to help me out of a fix I find myself in.

I am trying to come up with a workable solution to a request given to me by my boss but seem to be going around in circles. Allow me to set the scene...

We have a number of courses, all delivered via Cornerstone OnDemand. Each of these courses can be taken individually and most of them also form part of specific curricula. Each has a 10 question quiz that outputs to the LMS using Storyline's Passed/Incomplete setting, allowing us to track completion via the quiz score being >= the passing score.

We now find ourselves exploring the option of multi-lingual content but as the cost of converting a lot of our content is quite high, we decided to try and just deliver multi-lingual quizzes as many of our learners use English as a second language but we felt that if we could deliver quizzes in their native tongue we'd get a better response.

So, I am looking at various options, albeit with little or no luck as yet. My main stumbling block is around reporting the specific score from the specific language quiz, as opposed to an aggregate score from all quizzes.

One suggested solution was to use triggers and variables to take the result.scorepercent variable from the specific quiz result slide and use it to populate a text variable on a hidden question slide that then fed a 'master result slide' with that score and then feed that to the LMS as the correct score. 

In my search for a solution, I have found a couple of threads here where other users have kindly shared .STORY files that seem to do this, and when I open them locally, the trigger they have set up to capture the result.scorepercent variable works perfectly, but when I copy and paste that trigger, or even the slide into my project, the result variables all disappear from the drop down menu in the trigger wizard and I am unable to do what I wanted to do.

I know that the result variables are protected and cannot be manipulated but does that extend to them being deliberately hidden as sources of date for triggers?

Can anyone help or advise me on how to make use of the result variables within my trigger? Better still, has anyone ever successfully implemented multi-lingual quizzes that out put the full score and not an aggregate to their LMS?

Many thanks in advance!


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Rob Puricelli

Ok, so it turns out, through experimentation, and help from Articulate Support, that the result.scorepercent variable will only show up within a trigger if it is being referenced to affect a numerical variable and nothing else.

So, to use the result.scorepercent to achieve what I wanted, I have to create a new numerical variable and have that affected by result.scorepercent, the outcome of which I now have to push to my LMS.

I'd still appreciate any input from anyone who has successfully implemented a multi-lingual exam that outputs the score of the exam taken rather than an aggregate :-)

Ashley Schwartau

hey I know this is 2 years later but man I hope you still remember how you did this. Did you ever figure out a way to change the results.scorepercent without having it be calculated by quiz results? Trying to get a game to track in an LMS, but it wasnt designed using quiz slides or a quiz results slide. So is it possible to take the game score and pass it to result.scorepercent ?

Rob Puricelli

Hey Ashley,

I'm afraid to say we kinda abandoned our efforts in this area, more because of other complexities and costs involved in delivering a multi-lingual experience within a single module.

However, there does seem to have been some updates in recent months that may well help grease the wheels, so to speak. One that springs to mind that might aid you in your particular issue is a new feature added to Storyline 360 called the Course Completion Trigger. You can now choose to send a course completion status to your LMS when a learner performs a specific action or reaches a certain point on the timeline. This is a Storyline 360 exclusive feature, and therefore I am unable to confirm how well this works as I'm still trying to squeeze funds out of management to get us the upgrade ;-) 

I hope this helps in some way?

All the best,


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