Acronyms for JAWS Readers


I've built a course that has numerous acronyms. I know that JAWS readers cannot pick up an acronym, unless separated by periods (i.e., IRS to I.R.S).

How can the Alt Text be used to identify only a term in a paragraph on a screen? My course has at least one acronym on each I need to enter the whole on screen text for the page with the acronym with the periods? Seems like building another course. 

Any direction would be helpful.



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Nicole Legault

Hi June, 

That's an interesting question, thanks for bringing it up in the community! I personally did not know the answer but I did some research and found this super interesting and helpful article dated early 2017: How to create content that works well with screen readers, you'll notice there's a part about acronyms. I also found the comments to be really intriguing. It would * seem * (and I could stand corrected) that this is an evolving area of accessibility and best practices/guidelines are still being developed in this area. 

Also some interesting tidbits of info and insights in this article: Web AIM Designing for Screen Reader Compatibility and we also have these internal resources about accessibility if you want to learn more:

Hope this is helpful information!