Actions working in SL1 broken when converting to SL2

Hi All,

I am converting some eLearning from Storyline 1 to 2 and I'm finding an Action working in version 1 no longer works in 2. Seems like it is no longer checking if the state of a rectangle living in layer 3 is Normal. This check is meant to enable the next button once layer 3 has been visited. Please check the screen grab.

This was made by a third party and tbh isn't the way I would have done it, but I have a lot of these modules and was hoping there was a quick fix rather than going back in with vars to fix it.

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Stephen Evans

Ok - Setting the condition to:

Operator: !=Not equal to

State: Hidden

seemed to fix it. Might be something to do with the layers implementation in V2 since there is similar logic in the next slide that was not broken by the conversion to V2 but the next slide had no layers.