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Charles Zoffuto

" I'm missing something because the menu font size in my project is tiny, tiny. Is saw where I could select the font type, but not the font size."

What font are you using. Fonts have an inherent size and some fonts are just bigger than others.Here are some examples using Browallia as my small font, Articulate as my standard sized font and Kuhltom2 as my large font.

Alice Jefferson

Charles --

This is perfect -- just what I needed for a big project! I have one major problem -my LMS  doesn't  complete any course that uses multiple result slides.  It sees the final score and places it in the users record but it will not complete the class.  If there any way around this?  Any suggestion -- I really want to make this work.



Alice Jefferson

This is from the LMS debug -- passing is 80% course is passing I instead of C --this only happens with the multi results

1263:Thu Feb 6 02:40:50 EST 2014 - AICCComm - strAICCData = [Core] Lesson_Location= Lesson_Status=I Score=100 Time=0000:02:25 [Comments] [Objectives_Status] [Student_Preferences] Audio=0 Language= Speed=100 Text=0 [Core_Lesson]

Ruth McElhone

Hi Alice,

What's your publishing output e.g. SCORM 1.2?

Does this happen on other courses that just have one results slide?

I usually test in Scorm Cloud and this lets me know if it's a Storyline issue or an LMS issue.

I know that if I don't use the correct reporting status on my LMS (mine's Completed/Incomplete) it won't change the status.

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