Add captured screen of quiz selection into feedback layer?

Sep 28, 2020


I am trying to improve the user experience for my feedback layers of quiz questions: currently my feedback layer would cover the main part of the quiz questions. So when the users look at the feedback layer, they won't be able to look at the questions, and their answer(s). 

I am thinking of:

1. Using javascript to capture the screen of the quiz question and the user's answer on the "submit" button trigger;

2. Showing the captured screen on the feedback layer along with feedback texts, so that the users would be able to see what the question was, and what they had chosen, along with why their answer was correct or incorrect. 

I searched and found how to use javascript to capture the screen( However, it is the part of displaying the captured screen on the layer that I don't know how to. 

Can someone help me with this?



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Andreas Becker

If it's a one of the 'point and click' question types with a limited number of closed answer options like True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and stuff, you'd probably be better off creating a screenshot image for every possible combination of answer options manually offline beforehand. Then track the learner's choice in a variable for each question and show the appropriate one on your feedback layer, based on that variable's current value.

Obviously, that would't work for Fill-In-The-Blank or something like this.


I agree Andreas. Using a pre-selected screen shot with different states (for the different selections) might be a much easier way to go. Regarding a free form essay answer or fill in the blank questions, you are already capturing the input in a variable so it should be easy to show the correct answer along with their written responses.

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