ADDIE model

Hi everyone,

So I recently started a new role (this week) that finally will help me become an instructional designer. I've worked in e-learning for nearly 5 years. I did my apprenticeship and then my last job role but both were very admin based, pulling grades from LMS, creating participants etc. So as far as using Moodle, I think from an admin perspective I know it inside out! I've touched on using articulate in my last job which really made me think I really want to do become an instructional designer. Now I've finally got the opportunity it feels a bit of a steep learning curve and i'm trying to do everything I can so when it comes to talking to SME's and planning, designing I've developed myself the best I can.

Sorry for going on about my background but I thought it might give a sense of where i'm at. 

So this week I discovered the e-books on here which are amazingly helpful (e-learning for beginners) I wish i'd read it years ago. It's helped me get my head around the ADDIE model. I just wanted to hear about your experiences, when it comes to planning and analysing, what do you find most challenging? The examples used in the book were really helpful but i'm struggling to think how I can always apply each stage to the project, especially the gap analysis, is there always a need for that?

I've been given the task of turning some whitepapers into online learning.  They're on soft skills. If there are any resources/examples you can direct me to give me a sense of what should be applied to what, i'd be so grateful

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Narissa:

I'll address your last request, since that seems the most pressing. I suggest asking the stakeholders a few questions:

  • Ummm, why are turning a document into elearning? Must we do this? 
  • Ok, what specific behaviors in this doc do we want the learners to do? (e.g. how to give constructive criticism, how to respond to an objection,etc.)

Once you have say four or five behaviors isolated, you might consider creating some scenarios around them. Basically, your job is to create an environment in which they practice the behavior. Scenarios can be simple. "Martha, who reports to, turned in a very sloppy report to one of her stakeholders. The stakeholder reached out to you and complained about it. What's the first step in Martha some constructive feedback on this?"

If it turns out your stakeholders just want a slick presentation of the material, you might then just clean up the content and put it into Rise. It'll look slick and won't take long to do. Hope that helps a bit. --Daniel


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Narissa, since Daniel has already given you some good advice on your project I’ll give you some on ADDIE.

My advice is to not worry about ADDIE. It is just one approach to project management and will not apply to every situation.  Use the parts that make sense for your project and don’t worry about the rest of it.

Daniel Brigham

Totally agree with Nancy. I don't really think about ADDIE, outside of an

I think about things like...

- What problem or issue are we addressing?
- What are the causes of the problem?
- Can training likely make an impact?
- If training seems a good idea, what's the best format
- If we create good training, how will we know? (what metrics or KPIs or
other data point might be positively impacted)