Adding a PDF to a file that users can print


I am building a library of resources for a team and want to embed some PDFs. The ask from the SME is that the open in a PDF reader so they can then print them off. I have followed the step-by-step process in this thread, but can't seem to get it to work. I must be doing something wrong given the feedback in the same thread. I'm not a codey person...

Am I amending the right part of the code (see attached)?

Do I need to publish and upload to the web to see if it works?

I did manage to upload something last week and when launching it just says 'Initialising' when attempting to open the document. I can't remember what I did though!

Is there a Screenr out there showing this at all? I've looked and looked, but so far nothing.



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Ian Anderson

Yeah, that's what I was finding. I went back to the process in the original thread mentioned above and managed to sort it. 

When I was naming my document I just included the document, and not the whole path including server etc. Now i've got it working (thanks to my colleague who knows way more about coding etc than I do)