Adding a side window to Flash logo

May 30, 2011


I was hoping somebody could direct me toward a tutorial on how to add a popout side window that would extend off of a Flash logo. I noticed this being done in the AD: Giants Module (Link: and really want to incorporate it into my modules.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Paul Kornman

I did a quick test that worked for me.

I took a Flash logo (that I already had) and made the stage size big enough to hold any side window.

I added extra frames in the Flash file to hold 2 different side windows (one that was about half size) and one that took up the whole extra area. I used gotoAndStop() to jump between the different states.

I then just replaced the Flash logo SWF file that I had with this new "expanded" one and voila, the side windows would appear and disappear as requested.

Good luck,


Ian Monk

Thanks for the response Paul, it was a great help.

I tried this and found out that you don't even have to make the stage bigger. My stage is sitting at 244px by 125 pixels, and I placed the "side window" about 15-20 pixels off the stage. Used the gotoandstop action and it worked like a charm.

Kind regards,


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