Adding a voice to your project - how many people do that?

Feb 17, 2015

I am a full-time professional female narrator available to help you with projects that require a voice track. I'm curious how often people add voice to the presentations. I'd love to be a resource. Voice samples here:

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Raul Esparza

Hi Shireen,

In my particular case, I do not have audio narrations in my eLearning modules.  Most of what I work with is step by step processes and technical material where the narration would actually interfere with the learning. 

I learned about the redundancy principle in terms of hindering learning so I use narrations very little due to the amount of text my modules have.

More info:

There are times when audio narration is effective when coupled with animation or video for instance, but not necessarily in an eLearning module that is based on text.

Wish you luck,


Cary Glenn

Hi Raul,

I don't think you understood what the research is saying. Most of the research around the redundancy principle supports narration. Narration should not be a word for reading of the text on screen (that is the redundancy principle). Graphics and text should be timed to match the narration and narration and graphics is better than text and graphics.

Almost every course I develop uses narration, Though to keep the costs down I do all the narration myself.

Shireen Shahawy

Completely understand not wanting to have a word-for-word read of what is on the screen in most cases. Though I have one education client in CA where a number of their students are new to English. They provide written material to the students (online, from what I understand), and have me read the content they are seeing word-for-word to help with comprehension. I'm not sure how folks would perceive the redundancy principle in that scenario.

Cary Glenn - if ever you think a different voice would be helpful, please give me a shout. I think my rates are pretty reasonable, but completely understand the need to keep costs down.

Thank you both for your thoughts on this. I am really intrigued by the Articulate solution and wondered if people used outside professionals to add to the end product.



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