Adding Citations to Rise 360 Courses

Hi all--

I'd love to see and read about your great ideas for placing citations in your courses. Where do you place them? Do you place them in line with the other blocks? Or, create a citation listing that "lives" at the end of the course?

I feel like I am not doing this well and could use some inspiration from you smart people! 

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Dave LeFevre

If you're quoting something and need a citation in context, you can put that in small text under the quote. I've sometimes used an asterisk next to the quote then put a corresponding asterisk next to the citation under it. The Rise Quote blocks give you a place to include the person you are quoting, which can also include a citation. If your quote uses an image background, there is an option to include a caption which could be the citation.

For a more bibliographic citation (not a quote but a source), putting it at the end of a lesson or a summary of resources at the end of the whole course is a good solution. If it's an online resource, you can even link to it, making it easy for your learners to explore the source.