Adding conditions to layers

I've been sorting through the blogs and cannot find something that answers this question so hopefully it has not already been covered. I have created a Hollywood Squares-type game with hotspots and layers. There are 16 different squares on the slide and each has 2 hotspots (there is more than that but these are the only 2 I'm concerned with at the moment). When I click in the bottom-right hand corner of a square (covered by a hotspot) it triggers a layer that places an X in the square but when I click in the bottom-left the O layer becomes visible. I have unchecked the setting to hide other layers so game contestants can now get 4 squares in a row and I can keep track of which questions have already been answered and where each team is on the board. However, I need to tie the X and O hotspot on each square to one another so that if I accidentally click on the X but I meant to give the square to the O team I can toggle back and forth without disrupting any of the other layers that may have previously been made visible. Any ideas?

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Jason Reed

Hi Allison,

It sounds like you'll need to use variables and some conditions.

I've attached an example slide that shows the functionality as it can be tricky to get all of the pieces working together. Basically, you need to toggle between each of the shapes.

So when you click the O, it hides the O and shows the X. When you click the X, it hides the X and shows the O. Does that make sense?

You'll need: 

  • True/False Variable¬†
  • Your two shapes
  • Triggers that say something like: Change state of X to hidden when user clicks X if variable is True.
  • Another Trigger that says: Change state of O to normal when user clicks X if variable is True.
  • Change state of variable to NOT ASSIGNMENT when user clicks X

That last bullet point is the key to getting the toggle to work. It's what will switch your variable from True to False and back again.

Now just create those same set of triggers for the O shape.

I hope this helps and hasn't been too confusing.