Adding Gamification to Existing Templates

Oct 17, 2015

Gamified Checklist


Elearning Challenge #102 was pretty awesome because it asked to find an existing course or template and gamify it .  I'm sharing the sample I built here for those of you who are interesting in analyzing my approach on developing my sample. 

The Sample

To build my sample I used a checklist interaction template originally shared by David Anderson on the Downloads section of this community.  My concept for adding gamification to it was to convert it into a quiz template with character selection, a countdown timer and badges given based on questions answered.  The master layouts have the badge triggers and this is a 10-question quiz that can be used as a practice challenge where learners can tests themselves against the 20 second timer.

If you plan to use it, I would recommend just changing the images instead of deleting them since they already have formatting triggers in place.



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