Adding Google translate Widget to Storyline 360 Document


As a part of Articulate community,  and a new user, i'm trying to Translate StoryLine 360 document using Google Translate Widget, but the document is another format as SVG and it don't output the HTML but its shows the SVG format which google translate can't read and translate it.

Is there any way to add Google Translate Widget to document so it will be easy for my students to translate the document in the language they want to read instead of attaching Translated file everytime for every language.

For better understanding, i have attached a screenshot.




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John Willis

I've been looking at this for some time, I've noticed that only the player would ever be picked up by google translate. Anything on the 'stage' would be ignored, the only solution I've found to this yesterday was by adding Closed Captions.

Once the course launches and you load Closed Captions this doesn't sit in the stage and Google Translate is able to pick up the text and translate the captions. 

Hope this is of some help to anyone.