Adding graphics to a video clip

Jan 02, 2012

Hello all,

I need to add graphics or annotations such as arrows, circles or the light box effect to a video clip that will be inserted in an Articulate module.  Any suggestions on the most effective way to do this for a farily long video clip?  Thanks.


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Tom Kuhlmann

A few ideas:

  • Edit the video in an editor that lets you do that.
  • PPT 2010 can output as video.  Insert the video on a slide.  Then add what you want on top.  Save as .WMV.  Convert with the video encoder or use Handbrake (free).
  • Insert the video into Quizmaker.  Use a blank slide and in slide view you can add content on top of the video.  If you make the player transparent you won't notice the quizmaker player.

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