Adding Instructor's Video with E-Learning Content

Apr 20, 2015

Hello E-Learning Heroes,

I am new to this software, and need some help/tips for creating instructor's video and putting it in between the Articulate Story Line 2 ELearning module.

Can someone please guide to a specific tutorial or other tips you may have?

For instance: I am creating an online module on Public Speaking content, I wanted to keep some videos showing examples of right postures and gestures while Public Speaking.

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Bob S

Hmm.... some mixed info in that linked thread in my opinion.

The easiest method is to have the video as an "inset" into the slide frame so you don't have to deal with some of the other issues.

But if you truly need transparent  backgrounds, brush up on chroma-keying basics (lighting is where most folks make it harder than it needs to be). Then consider doing your edits/keying separately from your final rendering.... in other words make a master that you then down-convert to final format. This will allow you more flexibility and minimize other issues such as sync due to lack of video processing power (common cause).

In either case, remember to shoot in the highest setting possible to help you get a good key, (we shoot 1080 24p or 60p) but then after keying, crush the rendered version down considerably to save bandwidth and promote smoother playback. This is true in terms of resolution, frame rate and bit rate.... most folks don't consider the latter when they render. There are number of video codec bitrate calculators out there to help you, but with typical talking head videos you can cut often cut down the recommended bitrates down to 50% (or less) of the default setting most NLEs use with no visible impact.

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