Adding subtitles to video

Hi Heroes,

I have 4 short videos (less than 1 minute each) that I need to add French subtitles to.  Can any of you tell me the easiest way to do this?  I have Premiere Pro, but haven't used it much and I'm not sure whether this would be a good option, or if there's something else that's easier or better to use?

Has anyone else had success with this?



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Linda! Do you plan on adding the videos to an Articulate Presenter project? You could insert your video onto a slide via the Flash Movie option on the Articulate menu (you can use FLV, SWF, or MP4 video). Then create PowerPoint textboxes that contain your subtitles. Add a simple fade in/fade out animation to the textboxes, and leave them as On-Click animations, and then you should be able to Sync Animations pretty easily. (In the Sync Animations window, the video will play and you can click through the animations so that they appear at the correct times).