Adding text to screen recording

Hi there

I am a total newborn to Storyline, I downloaded the free trail today to see if this will work for my requirements. I would like to know if this functionality allows you to add text to explain certian things on a page, for example if I want to explain the detail that I  need entered into a field etc.

Is this maybe such functionality and does it come with the free trial?

I would like to POC this to our business.

Thank you

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Daniel Brigham

Welcome to the forum, Elzanne:

Yes, all sorts of ways to add explanations to screen recordings. In the quick mockup attached, I did a quick screen recording and inserted it as video. I inserted one caption a few seconds in.

My gut says that Try Mode will also work for your purposes. With Try mode, Storyline will break your video into different slides and then you can alter and add feedback to the learner. Let me know if you have other questions. --Daniel