Adjusting T/F Variable in one scene to change state of button...

Hey all!

I'm creating a course with 6 lessons. Each lesson is a different scene. There is another scene that consists of one sort of "hub" slide with 6 buttons that lead to the other scenes.

I want the state of the 6 buttons to change when the learner completes each lesson, not when they click the buttons. So I added a state "Complete" to each button.

I then added a T/F variable to the final quiz question of each lesson so that when they click Continue (regardless of which feedback layer they get), it adjusts the variable to True and sends them back to the hub slide.

The buttons on the hub slide have "Change state of Button 1 to Complete when timeline starts for this slide if variable Lesson1Complete equal to True".

It's not working, though. The buttons are showing up as Visited because I clicked them, but the Continue button trigger to adjust the variable doesn't seem to be working. I also have a trigger on that hub slide to play the narration only if all the variables are set to False, but it's still playing.

Then I tried using numeric variables rather than T/F. "When user clicks continue, add 1 to variable" on the quiz. "Change state of button to Complete when timeline starts if variable is greater than 0" on the main slide. Still no dice.

I ran this in Preview, and then thinking maybe Preview doesn't track variables for some reason, uploaded it to Tempshare. Same thing.

Any thoughts?

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