Variables in a slide master

I’m fairly new to Articulate so thanks to this community, I adapted the Industrial Workplace Safety template for a course I’m working on.  

On the slide master for the “getting started” slide, I see several triggers that adjust the variables to true/false for items on the slide master (menu, resources and help). There are also triggers on the slide master to show the layers for these items, so I’m not sure why the “adjust variable” piece is needed. In fact, it shows zero in the use count on the master variable page. When I deleted these variable triggers however, they stopped functioning in the way they were before. I have since replaced them so the file functions as needed but I’m just looking to understand why these variable triggers are needed when it’s simply showing a layer. 

Maybe it's due to the slide master? Maybe it was part of a template? Just looking for clarity on why it works this way.


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