Adjusting variable calculator

Feb 13, 2020

Dear Community:

I am trying to build a calculator which is showing the running total between three variables which are made up of button sets. 

I orginally wanted it to be a constant running total but was unable to figure that out and gave to have reset button. Now that isn't working.  

I am trying to recreate:

Can anyone look at my trigger panel and see where I messed up? I would love to get it as close as the above example. 



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Jeff Forrer

See attached file. I renamed a few things on the timeline so I could track them better.  I believe one of the triggers had on rightClick vs on click and I also believe that the right buttons were not in all the right button groups, so I adjusted those two items.

I used 3 variables, one for each group to do the calculation.  I made a variable for the feedback and changed that when the score changed.

I also removed all the states not used on the buttons as they were not behaving correctly, so just normal and selected.

Hope this works for you, let me know if you have any questions, good luck!

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