Adjusting Variables to Reference

Hi everyone,

I'm having some trouble with variables in the course I am working on. I have a survey question that asks the user to choose one option. Once they submit this, the next question is an essay where the question references their choice.

The problem I am having is that if the user clicks one answer, changes their mind, and clicks another, it shows both answers on the essay question.

I can't seem to figure out the right trigger to avoid this.

Any ideas?


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Joanne Chen

Hi Christie, not sure how you set up your triggers. But it sounds like you adjust variable when an option is selected, if you did so it will cause the problem you have. To avoid that, you can adjust the variable when user click on submit button on condition of an option state is selected. If this is not how you set your trigger, you may share your file so that someone can give you a better advise according to your situation.

nandini khandekar

Hi Christie

You are using True / False variables for each option. When the option is selected, you are setting the variable True. But, you are not setting the earlier option variable as false when user selects another option. So, in the end there are 2 variables with value True and these are going to be shown on the next slide.

I have changed the slide slightly and have used a text variable 'Question1Text' instead of True / False. So when user selects an option, we set our variable to the option text. On the next slide, we are just displaying the selected option text. User can change his option any number of times. Just the last one will be recorded.

Hope it makes sense.