Adobe Quizmaker - difficulty with submitting to email

Aug 18, 2011

Hi was wondering if anyone can help me - I have set up a quiz  within presenter, that will email on the results to a colleague - when I test this myself, either by publishing to the web or to a scorm file it works fine for me.

I currently have the file set up to submit one at a time, also tried it by submitting all at once.

Unfortunately, when I send it to a colleague to test, once they hit the submit email button it doesn't allow them to select it and it looks like the scren freezes - is there anything I can do to fix this.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Evelyn - when your colleague is testing this, how are you giving them access to your content? Are you publishing it for Web and then uploading the content to a web location, and sending your colleague the link? Or maybe you're publishing for LMS, uploading it to LMS, and then giving them access to the LMS content item?

If they are testing your published output locally (i.e., getting the files from you & then viewing the course from their local PC), this might cause the issue you're describing. It's important that when you test published content, that you do it in a way that matches the publishing method you chose. i.e, if you published for web, the content should be tested from a web location.

Let us know if that might be the roadblock, and if not we can continue to troubleshoot with you.

Evelyn  Finn

Hi Jeanette

Thanks so much for getting back to me on this - I tried it both ways - I published to the Web, sent my colleague the zip file and she accessed it from that. The content is playing perfectly, until it comes to submitting the results, when the screen just freezes.  

I also created it as a SCORM file, letting her test it from the zip version of it as well. This will not be loaded onto our LMS system though!

It had worked previously for her, the only thing that I can think of that changed from that time was I now have two families within the quiz, rather than one.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Evelyn - yeah, unfortunately there are some things on the user's side of things that can interfere with the email, as mentioned in this article.  It sounds like your colleague is deploying the content from the hard drive of her pc, is that correct? It's possible that she's running into security issues related to her browser or the Adobe Flash player. Try this: when you publish your course, choose to publish for CD rather than web or LMS. (This prepares the files for viewing locally rather than via the web or an LMS.) Then zip & send the content to your colleague, and have her unzip the file and launch the content by double-clicking the file called Launch_Presentation.exe.

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