Hi everyone,

In reference to the e-learning courses that I have been producing at this company that I am currently working at, one of the main managers here has suggested that I look at any courses that deal with Adult Learning Theory and Pedagogical approaches to Learning especially with a focus in regards to E-LEARNING.

Does anyone out there know that such a course actually exists especially one that has been designed with computer-based training in mind ?????

The manager here seems to think that if I found such a course and enrolled on it then it might help me in developing courses in the future.

Any suggestions are most welcome!!!!!


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Andy Learning Specialist

There is a lot of information out there. Pedagogy is instructional theory and there is a lot of information in the world on adult learning theories. I think you can apply most of those learning theories to eLearning. My managers assume that I incorporate basic learning principles into my work.

Maybe you can discuss with your manager the learning tools and initiatives you currently use in your work and any areas that he or she thinks are lacking? 

Steve Flowers

There are a few books that I'd start off with that could help in this area. Once you have a good feel for those, there are plenty of courses you might be interested in participating in. These are what I'd call required reading for anyone designing instruction.

The practice is deep and wide and if you only focus on the theoretical frames, you'll miss out on the *praxis* where practice and theory cross streams. Lots of things in those trenches from business / consulting to performance engineering. I built a reading list a couple of years back with books I thought applied to my practice. Your mileage may vary:

If self-study isn't your bag, course offerings like those offered by ASTD are a mixed blessing. But you'll find this with practically any short course or college level opportunity. I have had some really fantastic conversations in these courses. You find some good courses in a certification track at a local university or even in a MOOC (you get out of these what you put into them). Good luck 

John Denner

I'm actually smiling out loud if that's a thing the people say. The two books that Steve referenced above are some of my major go-tos.

Good science in any form is key. People's feelings about what works and what doesn't is personal but valid to that one person. The way novice learners of any age retain information is very similar; adult or adolescent.

The emotional intelligence and the true prior knowledge of the learner will play a key roll in the success of your training.

ELearning and the Science of Instruction by Clark and Mayer

The above book is not easy but your end-users are worth the effort.

Kimberly Read

I had several university courses on these topics that were helpful. I would encourage you to take a look at varied resources on these topics as there are sometimes conflicting opinions by different practioners of instructional design. A good place to get started might be to take a look at course offerings at a nearby college or university, or an online program. Also sometimes professional training and learning organizations offer professional development opportunities like workshops, for example if you have a local American Society for Performance Improvement (ASTD) or International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), etc.