Advance on click in ppt animations stopped working - help?!

Jul 28, 2011

I've been working on a pptx/ppa module for a month and I save frequently, and always before shutdown.For no apparent reason, the only file I could find yesterday after shutdown and restart was an autosaved file. Now, my custom animations are not advancing on click. I have Advance on Click selected in the Animations toolbar as well as On Click with 0 delay on the animations. Nothing happens when I click. I have to right-click and select Advance to get the action to work, doubling what needs to be done. This is not happening on any of my other pptx files. Anyone know what's going on?

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Shelley Parker

Thanks for the response, Justin - I found the problem and it was a setting in PowerPoint that somehow changed after the autosave.

I suspected Articulate because I've had multiple instances of both Engage and Quizmaker freezing up and causing restarts and I had never encountered this with ppt before. I admit I'm still skeptical that it's wholly a PowerPoint issue. The interactions between PowerPoint and Articulate tend to freeze my machine and are likely what caused the file to autosave even though I had just saved the ppt before closing down. I'm now opening the .intr files directly from Engage to avoid problems and staying away from the edit link in the ppt file .

I'm still very impressed with Articulate, especially after seeing what others have done. The Community Blog has a lot of great tutorials. Thanks all!

Shelley Parker

Hi Joshua, it took me a little while to retrace my steps, but it's good to keep this reference on hand so I'm glad you asked. I found settings in Set Up Slide Show under the Slide Show tab that were overriding all of my other setting selections. I changed the setting under Advance slides from Manually to Using timings, if present and this fixed the problem. I'm also using dual monitors and needed to reset the monitor the show played on. I'm attaching a screenshot for visual reference.

Fred Miller

Shelley:  Perfect!  Thanks for the solution, I was trying to save PowerPoint in the self playing .ppsx format and when that didn't work like it used to I went into the settings and changed to manual.  Even though that didn't fix the original problem I neglected to go back in and undo the change.  

I agree with Peter, I would have never figured this out on my own!

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