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Jun 07, 2015

Hi there!

I have another question about triggers, advanced interaction.  The idea is that if a user clicks on so many check boxes, they get a particular response based on how many they have clicked. There are 4 slides that have this interaction and then the final slide would show all the percentage from each of the previous 4 slides and then have a cumulative/overall percent.

Honestly, I'm pretty clueless on where to start. I have attached a sample project with all the assets. If anyone wants to assist....

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Michael Hinze

To start with, there is no need for the "check_xyz" layers. You can add the check marks for the various boxes as the Selected state. See slide 1.2 where I added Selected states to all check boxes and deleted the layers. You should replicate that for the other slides as well. Next, on slide 1.2 I don't think you meant to add the Show Layer 50 to the Rectangle 14 text block. Also, the trigger on Box1 serves no purpose, because you are adding a variable to itself and since that variable is o, the result is 0. 

I suggest you first fix the checkboxes on all slides and then provide some more detailed info on which checkboxes you want to trigger what percentage layer, so that we can fix that next.

Michael Hinze

I set up slide 1.2 with all the triggers required to make this work, By the way, your triggers to change the checkboxes to their Selected states are not required. 'Selected' is a built-in state that is called automatically when an object is clicked. You can use the setup of this slide to update the other three. On slide 1.6, I simplified the setup. Instead of having four layers for each of the phases, I use ONE layer per phase with an object that has states. See the Phase 1 layer as an example you can use to update the other layers. I also used the same idea for the Total layer. Hope that helps.

Michael Hinze

Hi Anita, there were some 'extra' triggers on the Total layer that I removed. The overall math works now for the total value. You still have to adjust the triggers that determine which state of the 'slider' on the Total layer is shown, because sometimes the Total value may not be 25, 50, 75 or 100, but something like 62.5. It's up to you to decide how you want to handle these 'in-between values'. I left a texbox on the slide that shows the TotalPercent value so that you can see what value may be caluculated depending on the previous selections. 

Michael Hinze

You could do one of two things:

1.  You could display a state of the Total 'slider' based on a range, just like you did in the previous slides (for example when you showed a 25Percent completion when 1-3 checkboxes were selected). For the the total value on the last slide, you could display let's say the 50Percent state if the Toatal Percent value is between 50 and 65.

OR (that`s what I would do)

2. Turn the Total indicator into an actual Storyline slider and use it not as an interactive element but as an indicator only. Then, have this slider exactly display the TotalPercent value. 

Hope that makes sense.

Anita Horsley

Ohhhhh, I was sort of hoping you'd say that, but you are creating more work for yourself. I agree with you and would love to do that, but I just tried and couldn't figure it out. I don't see how you can make it not interactive. Seems like the learn has to drag it. If you're totally tired of me, I completely understand, I can figure out #1!!!!

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