'Advanced' Storyline Topics

Aug 29, 2014

Hey Folks - I just wanted to put some feelers out here for a little project I have in mind (that I'm thinking might involve some useful screencasts, among other things). All questions are in relation to Storyline.

What does 'advanced topics' mean to you?

What are some of the more complex things you would like to know more about?

Outside of basics, what would you like to learn?

Is there anything specific you'd like to see a demonstration of?

Any input is appreciated!


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Ashley: Super Hero Kevin Thorn asked a similar question on the forum six months or so ago, and I know he teaches advanced SL courses. You might ping him.

Also, Yukon Learning has a list of their Advanced SL Training. You might also ping Tim Slade of Artisan to see what they do.

You might also check out my Advanced Storyline Techniques course on lynda.com.

What I'd like to see:

  • more web object applications
  • use of layers and button on Master Slides, though I'm not totally sure how well this works in SL.
  • Storyline job aids/performance support tools
  • different uses for variables are always good

As David Anderson said to me awhile back: you get to the point where it's more about figuring out how to use the software to meet instructional design goals, rather than focusing on the complex nature of the software. Hope that helps a bit. --Daniel

Phil Mayor

Advanced for me would include variables, conditions and javascript. Using these to build complex interactions. The aim for me of advanced skills is to push the limit of what storyline was intended.

WhenI have done "advanced" teaching session it has really depended on the audience, I think there is sufficient intro/intermediate learning available for Storyline and that Advanced training is the niche that has not been exploited. I love Yukon's syllabus but I normally cover there basic and advanced sessions in 2 days, with an additional day for further learning if they want it

John Wagner

Right now I'm working on a project using the "Business Circles" template download. I can get everything to work except the check marks after a person clicks on a particular section. I am searching all over the sight but cannot seem to get the information I need. It obviously involves states and variables. I've watched Janette and Dave and Tom's screenrs but still can't seem to make the check marks come up. I think more screenrs and instructions for the states and variables would be good.

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