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Stefano Posti

After many considerations, we went for a customized Moodle 1.9.8 installation.

I've been happily using it for two years.

In these days I'm moving to a new fantastic Moodle 2 installation (still customized by my Moodle provider).

My simple advice is: choose a partner (A Moodle/Docebo/eFront/Dokeos Certified Partner and reseller)... work together to set up the best suitable LMS for your needs (So it depends on No. of users, whether the LMS is for your company or for customers, etc. etc.)

and finally... trust him.

Totara is great (in english).  Docebo is great, too... take some tours and try them.

Unless you need something really cool, like Absorb LMS by Blatant... or other big LMS like Blackboard, Saba, Plateau, etc.

hope it helps,