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Oct 12, 2015

This is a general question to all you experts out there...

I am currently working for a company that provide face to face training and qualifications. Their workbooks are hundreds of pages long. If they want to create e-learning modules I generally advise the blended approach just because of the sheer volume of content. However, now there is something that they 100% want online only.. and the workbook is 920 pages long. There are 6 very distinct topics and within the 6 topics there are numerous sub topics.

My question is how should I approach this beast? Initially I was thinking for each of the 6 very distinct topics create some e-learning modules for some of the sub topics, and have some/rest of the content in PDF format as an addition to the e-learning. It's very early stages but as it stands they seem reluctant to cut any content as it's for a qualification... has anyone faced this kind of thing before? ANY suggestions are very much appreciated.. THANKS!

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Christy Tucker

Can you follow Cathy Moore's Action Mapping model to try to focus on what learners need to DO after training, not just what they need to KNOW? Even if you ultimately have to include some content as PDFs, that could help you figure out what's the most critical for building interactive practice.

I have sometimes used scenario-based approaches where during the scenario, you have to "look up" information. For example, I had a scenario where learners were the manager of a pregnant employee who needed to figure out reasonable accommodations. They had to look up the relevant sections of the policy (provided in PDF) in order to decide which actions to take. That was a much smaller scale than what you're talking about, but the basic approach still might work. Giving them a reason to go look up the information, especially with realistic context, makes it more likely they'll remember than if you just ask them to read a PDF. You could even have the "looking up" process sometimes involve asking others (like HR) for advice).

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