Advice on recreating the Circle Process Diagram

I am rebuilding one of the few projects I made while I had Studio, and I am growing more and more frustrated by the minute that I ever made something with the Circle Process Diagram.  I like the diagram itself, but I can't for the life of me figure out any way to recreate it in Storyline. 

Then I think about building the thing from scratch maybe in Powerpoint and it's a little overwhelming. 

I just want a way to show a process that all centers around one goal, and my mind is drawing a blank because all I can see inside of it is that dang circle, lol.

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Tom Kuhlmann

You can use the block arc shape to create the segments.

I'd start with a complete circle using the block arc so that it is your template to draw the other shapes over. Once you have the segments built, put a button on the screen and then use format painter and apply the button formatting to the shapes. That will give you all of the interactive elements.

Ashley W

Thanks Tom , was surprised to see you as the last post! 

I ended up going in a complete opposite direction, which ended up taking even longer than if I'd just used the arcs to do it.  I made a puzzle and had the information I wanted revealed each time a piece was put into place. 

The drag and drop part wasn't hard, it was trying to figure out how to break a picture up into segments that took...far too long >_<