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I am hoping some amazing PPT expert will come up with an answer on this one

OK, I have a presentation in PPT 2007  which I will be converting into eLearning using Presenter. Every slide has a screen shot, and for the first part of the presentation I was wise enough to use the change picture option so that on each slide the graphic was in exactly the same place. This was possible as I'd saved all the images as files.

In the second half of my presentation I have copied and pasted a lot of the images, I've moved them around a bit, relying on show gridlines so I can eyeball the approximate position but it's not foolproof. So my question is, is there a better way I can make sure all the pictures in the presentation are all in the same position on each slide ? I'd like to avoid that awful "jumping" effect when the learner moves from one slide to another.

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Sasha Scott

If you right-click the image and select "Size and position", then in the popup window select the "Position" tab, you can type in the exact position of the image. It's a bit weird doing it in hundredths of a centimetre rather than pixels but if you write down the numbers you want on a scrap of paper you can just go through and type them in for each image.

Graham North


Perhaps another method may be to modify or even create a slide layout specific to your needs in the slide masters.  You can copy an existing one similar to the one you require and move the content place holders around then apply that to the slides to get the cross slide alignment you require.

If you do create a new layout then you have the option to add a Picture content placeholder.  This will provide both the insert picture functionality and the ability to copy and paste pictures to a specific location on any slide using the slide layout.

Additionally you can save the file as a template for reuse in future work, with out having to remember those numbers you made a note of.

Hope this helps.

Paul Kornman

Another  suggestion would be a programming solution using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in PowerPoint.(included for free)

I know it's intimidating for many, but if you spend a lot of time massaging PowerPoint objects, it may be worth your while to learn.

Let's say you have a Shape called 'Circle' on slides 1, 2, 4, 10, and 12 and that you want them all be in the same location as the one on slide 1.

Running code like this:

Sub CopyLocation()
    Dim nSlide As Integer
    Dim nShape As Integer
    Dim thisShape As PowerPoint.Shape
    Dim thisName As String
    Dim targetName As String
    Dim targetLeft As Integer
    Dim targetTop As Integer
    targetName = "Circle"
    With ActivePresentation
        ' Look for the target shape on Slide 1
        For nShape = 1 To .Slides(1).Shapes.Count ' go through every shape on slide 1
            Set thisShape = .Slides(1).Shapes(nShape)
            If thisShape.Name = targetName Then
                targetLeft = thisShape.Left
                targetTop = thisShape.Top
            End If
        Next nShape

        For nSlide = 2 To .Slides.Count ' Go through the rest of the slides
            For nShape = 1 To .Slides(nSlide).Shapes.Count ' look at each shape
                Set thisShape = .Slides(nSlide).Shapes(nShape)
                If thisShape.Name = targetName Then
                    thisShape.Left = targetLeft
                    thisShape.Top = targetTop
                End If
            Next nShape
        Next nSlide
    End With
End Sub

would make any shape called 'Circle' on every slide have the same coordinates as the one on slide 1.

Note: It wouldn't change the size of the shape, just the location.

If you also wanted all the shapes called "desk" to be in the same location, just change "Circle" to "Desk" in line 11 and re-run.

You could get much fancier with arrays and dialog boxes, but this would be a quick and dirty solution for one object.

Best wishes,

Paul K.

Bob S

Hi Sam,

First off, please know that you are not alone in this... images/text boxes jumping from slide to slide is a pet peeve of mine too! 

The suggestions above are good ones. Here are a couple of other thoughts/tips I've found over the years...

  1. Create a "placeholder" shape on a slide where you want all images to be the same. Just a dark rectangle the exact size/shape and position that you want your pics to be. Copy that slide whenever you want that look, Move and crop your pics to fit the shape, then delete the shape.
  2. If you don't do something like #1 above, remember that all of your pics may not be the same exact aspect ration (shape). This can make it hard to decide how to line them up visually from slide to slide. For most standard "wide look" slides, people are most sensitive to vertical shifts so line up different sized pics horizontally.  For narrower "double column look" slides, people are most sensitive to horizontal shifts so line up differenst sized pics vertically.

Hope this helps and have fun!