Alt-Text / 508 Compliance Question

Jan 30, 2019

Hello all, long time no see (love the new look by the way!).

So...many of the courses I now create contain videos, mainly using Powtoon and Videoscribe. In fact, some of them ONLY contain these, and a video Intro and Outro, with the name of the course.

What's the latest thinking on accessibility and videos in courses, as obviously they cannot (?) be handled in the usual way, (or maybe they can, I don't know, hence the question!).

Looking forward to some sage-like advice from the best community in the business.

Nice to be back :)

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Ulises Musseb

Articulate has a page dedicated to accessibility Here.

For multimedia, as per their page: "When using multimedia, provide text captions that are synchronized with audio and video. Easily create closed captions in Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 with the built-in editor."

Also, I'd suggest to check if Powtoon and Videoscribe have their own accessibility settings.

I hope this helps.

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