alternative to photoshop /illustrator

So putting this out there.  I have access to an image library and often the best image to use would be a vector image that just needs a bit of tweaking.

The problem is, I don't have a version of photoshop / illustrator and frankly am not in the position to pay for the subscription.

any suggestions?


I posted something similar years ago, but need some updated responses.

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Ivan Kuckir

I recommend trying Photopea. It works in a browser, so you can try it right away.

It can load PSD files (from Adobe Photoshop) and Sketch files (from Sketch App) and save them back as a PSD.  There is even a lesson about creating and editing vector graphics inside PSD files. I used it to create logos and icons :)

Ray Cole

Try loading them into PowerPoint. Many vector images are made up of lots of smaller sub-images, and in that case, you can often right-click the image in PowerPoint and choose Ungroup. That gives you easy access to tweaking (e.g., recoloring, repositioning, resizing, etc.) individual components. When you're done making changes, regroup, right-click, and choose Save as Picture. Use the format emf to save. Then insert the emf into Storyline.

Michael O.

Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are great alternatives. They each cost $50 for Mac or Windows. You can also get them for iOS at $20 each.  No subscription for any versions.  

The iOS versions of Photo and Designer appear to have all the features of the desktop versions. I use them on my iPad.  Since i work for an academic institution that uses MS Office 365 i have OneDrive on my iPad and saving work is as seamless as if i was using a desktop.  It is actually a lot of fun using the Photo and Designer apps on the iPad with Pencil.