Always resume used and course does not reset after completion


I have a course that I have developed in Storyline 2 that allows the option to test-out at the beginning. If the learner misses 1 question in the quiz, they are routed to the course content scene. They can also choose to review the content slides before taking the quiz.

However, we found that our learners would open the course, try to test-out, and if they couldn't, they would close the course out and relaunch it to try to test-out again. They did this over and over until they passed the quiz, bypassing the design of having to review the content if they couldn't test-out successfully.

So, we decided to redesign the course so that the learner could no longer do this. I restricted the navigation so the learner has to slow down and not just click through the course content scene. I have also set the course to Always Resume and reset the slides each time they go back.

However, once they get to the end of the course, and have reviewed the content slides and passed the test, if they close it out, and try to take it again in the future, the course will still always resume. How do I get the course to reset if the learner has passed the quiz?




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Sahil Mehta

Hi Paula,

You can have a "Reset/Restart course" button at the result page which will reset the quiz and navigate the user to the starting page and let the bookmarking to be always resume. This will restrict user to take multiple attempts in the middle of the quiz and once the quiz is done, the course will get reset.