An easy "bounding box" app for Windows?

Hi guys, 

I have trouble ensuring the screens I capture in Windows actually fit within my Articulate Storyline story size (resolution). e.g. sometimes the screen captures I make are too large in one dimension or another. Is there some kind of app that will show a bounding box on the screen of a specific resolution so that you don't inadvertently take screen captures that are too large or too small? I'm thinking I'd like something similar to the "record screen" bounding box, except that I could just keep on-screen all the time. 

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Nicole Legault

Hi David!

If i understand correctly, you should make sure that your Recording area (the outline box that comes up when you record, which has a bar at the bottom that shows it's dimensions in pixels) should be the same dimensions as the size of your slides (which you can check under the Design tab).

So, if your project size is 720x540, and you always record in a recording area that is those dimensions, they should always fit on your slide perfectly. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Mike Taylor

Hi David, one think you could use to help get the right size is to make an image the size you want  and set it as your wallpaper desktop like Tom suggests in this blog post.

Steve Flowers

This might be helpful as well:

I haven't tried this particular utility. I have, in the past, used a command line utility to control the placement and size of windows. The problem you'll run into is having to manually place the capture window. Mike's recommendation is also a good one.

A screen ruler app might also be useful to mark guides. contains a bevy of useful tools including a screen ruler.

Nancy Woinoski

Another one that might work for you is pimatrix.  Once you launch it you can set the size dimensions and a red bounding box will sit on top of whatever you are working with so you can easily see and the dimensions. The tool is really to help you with layout put it should work for what you are trying to do.