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Jul 27, 2020


I am working with animations in buttons and I am finding that the hover state plays even after the button is selected. This makes the buttons look very odd. How do I fix this/can you fix this? Or can you just not use certain animations for creating buttons without running into issues? 

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Magdalena Radjenovic

Hi Katelin, 

From my experience, the Hover state will always work unless you block it with something. I know this may be inconvenient sometimes, I have experienced it before.

The fastest way to resolve this that comes to my mind now would be to introduce additional Transparent objects above the buttons, with their initial states as hidden. Once the user clicks the button, the state of the Block should change to normal. If you want the user to be able to use the button multiple times, you should make sure that the transparent object that covers each button has the same function (create the same trigger for it).  Make sure that the object has the fill to be clickable, but is put to 100% transparent within the "Right-click on object >Format Shape > Shape fill > Transparency" option. 


This should work in a case where the button serves as some sort of branching -opens additional options. 

Attached is your file with the made changes as an example.

This is the first option that comes to my mind. Please let me know if this helps.

Kind regards,


Tom Kuhlmann

The hover state is built-in and triggers when the mouse is hovered over the object.

You can delete the hover state and instead create your own trigger with a custom state that changes when mouseover. At that point you can control whether the state changes or not by using conditions on the trigger. 

Personally, I'd probably just not have a hover state. Less work. :)

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