Animated Gifs / PPT/ Articulate

An end user had created a presentation in PowerPoint with two animated gifs (sun, snow) in a slide. When these gifs are played in Articulate the animations do not work.

What I have done so far to assist

Based on feedback on this forum, I created a web object for one of the animated gifs, and added it as part of a set of animation sequences on the Power Point presentation. When I view the sequence in PowerPoint, the web object appears on the slide (after a duration) as it should, and also moves out of the screen (after a duration) as it should.

Problem is - When I preview the same slide in Articulate, the animation appears, BUT will not MOVE out of the screen based on the animation sequesnce set up in PowerPoint.

Is there something I am missing?

The bigger question is - does anyone have / know of advanced tutorials that deal with

a) working with Web Objects in PPT and Articulate

b) working with Animated gifs in PPT and Articulate

Any help will much mucho appraciated.



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