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Feb 17, 2014

So at LT14 last month one of the topics for discussion was the increase in use of animated infographics.  I am a big fan of infographics so any way I can make them more engaging is a bonus.  So I was curious as to how people create these.

I sometimes use Adobe Muse to create highly engaging websites with scrolling effects, slideshows, etc, however at the end of the day your creating a website and not an infographic. I have also considered using Adobe After Effects and other related video publishing software but am I over complicating the whole thing.  Could I just use Storyline or Captivate to produce the same effects?

Does anyone have any experience of creating an animated infographic or have an opinion on the whole subject?

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Mark Woolwine

David here is a link to a infographic inspired project I completed for work

There was Weekly E-Learning Challenge from December that about infographics. There were lots of different examples. Here is the link:

Hope this helps.

Jerson  Campos

You could create animated graphics with the built in animation in captivate and storyline, but they are rather limited. Captivate has a better choice when it comes to doing different animations applying to the same object.

Here is a nice example that was produced in Storyline.

I would say it really depends on your level of skill and what you want your end product to be.  Here are my opinions on some products.

After Effects: Pro level. Steep learning curve but can produce some awesome animated graphics.

Flash: Can create some great animations. Not to bad to learn if you are going to just stick to animating stuff.

Adobe Edge Animate:  very cool tool. The learning curve is not that bad if you are familar with animation software. Outputs only in html5 so you'll have to embed in Captivate or Storyline.

Anime Studio: Mostly used for character animations, I think this could also be used for animating infographics.

There are some online options that make it fairly easy. PowToons and Prezi are two that I can think of. I've used Prezi before and it was fairly easy to use.  I've seen some cool things done with PowToons as well.

David Price

Thank you for all the replies so far I'll have a good look through the examples.

I have used Adobe Edge Animate before to create a short animation so I will take another look at that but I think I am going to try my hand at After Effects.  Found quite a few tutorials on YouTube on how to do it so going to run through those and give it a bash.

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