Animated Software Recommendations?

Hi Hero’s Community

My non-profit company is hopeing to add animated scenarios to our storyline modules and I have been researching options.

So far I have checked out Videoscribe, PowToon and Go Animate. Each have varying number of pre-built templates, editing options and price points.

Before we commit to a 12 month contract I wanted to ask the community.

  • What animation software do use?
  • How easy is it? and
  • Do you feel you getting value for money?




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Allen VanBrunt

iClone is great for 3D avatar development and animations.

Price information:

CrazyTalk Animator 3 - 2D animation

Price Information

Crazy Talk - 2D Animated talking heads

Price Information

Reallusion - General Information

Colleen Roberts

I have used Go Animate for a while now.  At first it was very difficult to get it to do what you wanted.  It took some time and research to get it right.  Once we figured it out, we started to use it as a team more. I will tell you that I am not completely satisfied with the program.  It has crashed on us a few times in the middle of either reviewing a scene or creating one.  I have lost entire scenes and bits and pieces of others.  As a team, we have decided to finish out the subscription but I am looking for other options. 

michelle eames

I love go animate, although like Colleen it has crashed on me halfway through creating or reviewing a screen. So I tend t save really frequently.

Sometimes getting the timing of the animations tight can be tricky because you don't see a visual 'stack' like you do in the PowerPoint animation screen or in Powtoon.

The other issue is that I can't create go animate in anything other than IE,  this is to do with Flash I think. I can view it in other browsers, in fact I tend to only preview in chrome because its quicker!

The characters are fantastic in go animate and being able to create your own is brilliant, everyone wants their own avatar created!!



Jerson  Campos

Hi Rachael,

What exactly are you looking for?  I've used GoAnimate before and have found it easy to use. Also I love how you can "customize" the characters and create your own background.  But if you would some recommendations for animation software that you can create your own custom animations, I can recommend a few.

Moho (formerly Anime Studio) Pro

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Animate (Formerly Flash)

Adobe Character Animator - Still in Beta, but looks really promising.