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John Morris

I used two pictures.  The first moves on a motion path and then shrinks on exit.  The second picture, which is smaller, has an initial state of hidden and becomes visible when a cue point is reached.  I then adjusted the cue point until the two events appear seamless.

See attachment.

Leandro Sartori

Hello Tia,

I don't think it's possible to shrink it simultaneously, only after the path is done. (I might be wrong)

Depending of what you are doing you can maybe use the stats and change the size of the object "manually" according to the timeline. It's a kind of "hack" but worked for me in the past. 

Michael Oppenheimer


I use a slightly different technique than John. I have an object with multiple states.  Each state is slightly different than the previous.  I create a motion path for the object.  Then a number of triggers that change the state of the object at specific time.  The shrinking is not smooth unless there are a large number of steps and triggers. 

See attachment as a simple example. 

Math Notermans

An option would be to use GSAP. As its build into Storyline its as easy as selecting your image and then triggering the javascript animation...

Like this...


function animateElement(_accName){
var element2Animate = document.querySelector("[data-acc-text='"+_accName+"']");gsap.to(element2Animate, {x: "30vw", y: "60vh", duration: 2 ,scale:0.65});


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