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Tim Slade

Hi Sarah,

You can easily have multiple images fade in and out by staggering them on the timeline and adding fade in/out animations. 

As for creating a true Ken Burns effect, that's a little more complex. I can't think of a way to accomplish it in Storyline 1. In Storyline 2, you could add very subtle motion paths to the images, which would get you a bit closer (minus the zooming effect).

Let me know if you have additional questions!


Jan van Vledder


I cannot find a very recent answer to this question, but having followed an earlier hint to use PowerPoint, and record it as a video and then insert it in Storyline, I tried something else:

1) create a PowerPoint slide with an image. Make the image larger than the slide and apply e.g. the zoom out function, and for greater impact, use a long time. Then:

2) import the slide directly into Storyline.

3) publish and see the result, the entire effect is imported with the slide. No further animations settings necessary! 


The effect I find stunning!

Best regards,