Animations in Storyline

Hi all,
I am just wondering if it is possible to import animations into Storyline without using FLASH (as it is no longer supported in most browsers, mobile devices etc etc ...) Its a pity that it is no longer supported as I could have put a load of really nice animations with transparent backgrounds.

I have tried importing other formats, for example, APNG (Animated PNG)
but it looks like Storyline doesn't really support it.

I know some of you might suggest using "Web Objects" whereby you could have a link to an external web-page with a SVG based animation etc but I would like to try avoiding that as with the project I am working on, I do not have access to an external web-server in order to put these animated graphics etc.

AND... I do not want to use Animated GIFs...


Thanks in advance



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Brian Hendrix

Not really any options for using animation files directly in Storyline  - I create animations in Powerpoint, Vyond, or Flash and output them as video. I will clip them down to just the size that is needed (I use the crop fliter in AviDemux to do that more precisely). You can of course crop in Storyline but it is not as pixel precise as AviDemux. To make things more efficient the background elements can mostly be static images with just the area around the animated portion as video. 

Instructions for cropping in AviDemux.

Paul Njuguna

I use Adobe After Effects, and I wish I could take my lossless alpha videos into SLine. The best I can do is just take the whole mp4 into SLine and work with it from there. But there is no way to bring those transparent alpha clips in. Some helpful article: