Announcing Articulate 360

It’s a big day! We’re so excited to announce that Articulate 360 is here. It’s got everything you need to simplify every aspect of course development.

Articulate 360 includes the latest versions of Storyline and Studio, featuring a new responsive player that makes it easy to create e-learning for every device. And you’ll get Rise, our amazing new responsive authoring tool. We think it’ll be your go-to for building gorgeous, inherently responsive courses.

You’ll also get brand-new apps and services that’ll help you source assets, collaborate with stakeholders, create training videos, and learn from the pros.

To learn more, take a tour of Articulate 360 and get a free, 30-day trial.

We’re so excited to share Articulate 360 with you. We think it’s going to change the way you work and we can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

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Richard S

Need to easily be able to add in TM and Registered trademark symbols in Rise... is that part of a scheduled update?

Also need the ability to add in different fonts other than the few pre-selected versions.  These are musts haves for staying brand compliant for many organizations.  

Lastly, am I missing it or is there an area to add in java script code. Our internally built LMS uses java script to recognize when a course is completed, without the ability to add that in no course of ours will be able to be marked complete.

Brian Gil

While perpetual versions of Storyline and Studio can be purchased separately, the Articulate 360 versions of these products and other products included with Articulate 360 cannot be purchased separately or on a perpetual basis. By delivering Articulate 360 as a subscription service, we’re able to include every authoring application we make, deliver continuous product updates, and include additional apps, content, and services.

Mark Woolwine

Will the perpetual versions of Storyline be updated or is version 2 the last perpetual version? I see that there the ability to use the PMP for Articulate 360. When we purchased version 2 with the PMP, I was under the impression that would give us version 3 at no cost... now I see that that even with 360 there will still be a cost of $299 the first year. However, as an institution we cannot make purchases on our procurement card  that are an annual subscription. If we would have know this we would not have purchased the PMP.

Ian Blake

Hi. When I am creating content in the various Tools of Articulate 360, where is it 'hosted'? Are the Tools / software downloaded on to my system, or are they on yours?

For the course owners I work with Intellectual Property Rights is the one issue that cannot be stepped around, and therefore it is not possible for me to create content in the cloud.

Scott Karren


I have the same question. When I am publishing content, where is it being saved/hosted?  

With regards to Articulate Review, where is this content hosted, do I have the ability to manage that content, how secure is that content, and do I have the ability to designate who can see it and who can not?


Jeffrey Martin


I appreciate your investment in product and change in pricing strategy but your marketing of this has been to say the least Trumpish.....  You have approached existing users as new sales trying to sell the new product.  The obvious first questions we will should have been part of the sales message (1) does this kill stand along version for the future or simply they form part of the 360 and you can continue to have standalone (quick look at pricing page the standalone versions had disappeared or been hidden) - but you have answered this now on responses (2) migration of work from existing stand alone to 360 version - is there actually any difference in functionality in the core product eg Studio 13 to Studio 360 (3) You say we get a discount of a 360 purchase but made no direct commitment on the marketing to us of new release of standalone versions (I think you have commented on replies to this)

Can I suggest that you get your marketing dept in to overdrive on providing a flyer on what it really means to existing users which allows easy comparison and knowledge of options -> I appreciate that you would rather we move over to 360 but that is unrealistic in the short to medium based on existing budgets and commitments.  Structured thoughts and communication on a realistic migration path over the mid to long term is needed.................


Brian Gil

For the desktop apps in Articulate 360 the content only goes into the cloud if you publish it to Articulate Review. Otherwise it remains local on your machine. Content in Articulate Review can be shared via a unique link and you have the option to protect it further with a password.

Rise content is always in the cloud since it's a web-based authoring app. Details on our security practices can be found in our Trust Center.

Frank Wouters

Sorry no excitement here.


You should be happy about Articulate 360. Just think of all the money you will get from a subscription based software. That is also the very reason I will never use Articulate 360. Subscription based software is great for the company that owns it but a financial burden on the users. The object for the “little guy” is to not have any more reoccurring expenses than possible. I purchased StoryLIne 2 because I could spread my cost out over a 3 to 5 year period, depending on at what point Articulate stops supporting it. So $1395 cost me $23.25 to $38.75 a month, not $83.25 to $108.25 a month (if you pay annually).

 There are too many other pieces of software out on the market that will not cost me an arm and a leg in order to develop training software. Who do you guys think you are Adobe? I won’t do business with them either.



Russ Sawchuk

I have been a user of Articulate products since 2005. I just love StoryLIne 2! It enables me to easily develop great e-Learning presentations and games.

However, as with most software, SL2 is not perfect. I have been eagerly waiting for the release of SL3 hoping it would have the option for only HTML5 publishing as well as improved view apps for iPhones, Android devices and tablets.

We were being hyped that the upcoming new version would be amazing! Well, Articulate 360 is NOT amazing ... it fact it is a huge disappointment! As others have already mentioned, there are only slight enhancements to SL. We get a bunch of unwanted and unasked for products thrown in at a huge increase in price on a subscription basis. (For that reason I have stopped using Adobe products).

Earlier this year, I stopped using SL2 for developing our quizzes. I now use iSpring to develop quizzes only in HTML5, that work great in mobile devices, e-mail quiz results, and have built-in tracking to my own database (a feature I have been requesting of Articulate sine 2005).

I have several e-Learning projects coming up shortly. So I have a big decision to make ... do I continue developing e-course in StoryLine ... not knowing how long SL will be supported; when or if SL3 will be released; or whether any new version will have the features that I need right now?

OR, do I simply dump StoryLine now, and go with a new vendor and product?


john faulkes

There is a cloud-based subscription service that I do like and that is Office 365. It's about a fifteenth of the cost of A 360, it updates itself to latest versions within that cost, works directly on mac, gives you 5 installs, Skype minutes and although there might be some differences to the stand alone versions i have never found anything that I want to do with it, that I can't (except one*). 

I appreciate that SL is specialist software and needs to cost much more than this. But as others have said when you sell something like that you really have to look after your customers. If any of my customers started to react like the majority of what we've seen here, I would be in a blind panic and looking for what I could do. I do hope this has generated some sort of serious discussion at Articulate. You have deeply committed customers (like me) but nothing lasts forever. 

*By the way - despite the fact that Office 365 started this whole thing, and Articulate 360 is a marketing analogy to that, the one thing I (still) can't do with SL2 (still!) is import PowerPoints generated with Office 365! Does SL360 do it? Even after a week (a long time in angry customer land) there is no comparison table.