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Ed Croson

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your purchase of Storyline, glad you are loving it!  LMS costs can vary.  Freeware tools like Moodle can be only a few hundred dollars to purchase, but could cost several thousand to implement. More traditional offerings from SumTotal or such can be tens of thousands.  We offer a hosted solution called Articulate Online, although not a traditional LMS, it offers very robust reporting and content and user managment. You'd be looking at a ballpark investment of $3000-ish a month with Articulate Online to support this traffic.  Here's more info on Articulate Online if you'd like more info:


I'm certainly at your disposal to chat as well if Articulate Online would be a viable offering. It's not a traditional LMS, for example you can only host Articulate-created content on Articulate Online, but for what it does, it's an elegant and convenient solution.   If you're in the market for a traditional LMS, fortunately Storyline plays nice with any LMS via SCORM/AICC.

Hope that helps.

Ed Croson



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